How to add SEO tip in your code ?

The php website developers are not usually alone in using codes for a website particular. Indeed, it is also essential for SEO to know what language to fully optimize the referencing of its site.

Apart from the essential steps for SEO of a website that are generally the quality of design, semantics, and the development of content, alternative content, Meta tags, URL own, meaningful, manage broken links, headings links, exchange strategy ties, submission to engines and robots.txt and the sitemap and Google Sitemaps, it is important for SEO to have some knowledge material code.

The perfect referencing a web page

You need to master HTML tags in the section to your page. It is the start of any optimization. This concerns the Title, Meta Description for help increase the "click-through rate", the Meta Keywords, Meta Robots, the tag Rel = "Canonical" to avoid content duplication problems.

In the url, you must consider the length of the latter. The keywords should be very close to your domain name. The use of subfolders / pages is as rigorous as word separators.

It is also important to determine the elements that are in the of your page such as the number of repetition of keywords, density these, the use of keywords variances, the header or H1 tag, H2 tags, H3 and H4 as well as other securities, the alt attribute for each the images on the page, the name of your image file, characters bold, italic. Links with the are also essential.

Regarding internal links, you should be aware that the more you put the competition in your keyword phrase, the higher your page will be high in your content architecture. Your pages should get more links.

Sometimes we sometimes do not obey these rules because during the process of creating quality web content, we forget most of the time these practices. What you must remember is that although optimization On-Site relies heavily in SEO, you'll get 80% of the value your site will be acquired in relation to all practices Global referencing.

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